How does it feel to ride treeless?

The feeling of sitting on a Barefoot saddle is similar to bareback riding but more comfortable and safe. The rider is framed by the front and back parts of the saddle and can equip the saddle with fenders or stirrup leathers which also serve as security.

What style of riding can be done in a Barefoot saddle?

The Barefoot saddle is suitable for all styles of riding. Riders will find models for every discipline and level, from western to english, pleasure or competition.

Am I sitting on the horse’s vertebrae?

No, not directly, as the seat bones of the rider are positioned left and right of the horse’s vertebrae. Additionally, the cushioned saddle seating area protects both horse and rider from pressure spots.
Every Barefoot Saddle has additional thick, pressure absorbing, moulded panels on either side of the spine that are anatomically shaped to the rider’s leg. These panels create a soft gullet which insures spinal clearance.
As every saddle is only as good as the padding unterneath, the use of our special pressure absorbing saddle pad is still recommended to increase the effect of the gullet.

What about young and inexperienced riders?

Because a Barefoot saddle is treeless, it gives a close contact feeling with the horse. Young and inexperience riders can clearly feel the movements of the horse. The riders create their own and independence seat from the feel of the horse and not the model of a saddle.
The pommel and cantle also gives great support. In the beginning the rider can hold on to the pommel while sitting in the correct posture (straight back) and the hands will stay at the right height. When they feel secure enough, they can release the pommel and there they go, in the same position.
An an example, when an inexperience rider starts to trot they sit like a bag on the saddle (not great for horse or rider). It usually make take a few rides before they can do the raising trot. With a Barefoot saddle we noticed that these riders often start doing the rising trot in the first lesson, even in rhythm!

Riders with back problems

The Barefoot saddle allows riders with back problems to ride without pain as the motion of the horse is transmitted in a soft, wavelike way and there is little strain on the rider’s discs.

Saddle fitting for the difficult horse

A major advantage of the Barefoot saddle is that there is no need to order an expert to adapt the saddle as it fits almost every horse’s back. You can not cause any saddle pressure when you handle the barefoot system in a correct way! Therefore, we highly recommend you always use a shock-absorbing saddle underlay.
Barefoot offers two pads, depending on the weight of the rider and the duration of the rides.