Cinch/Girth Size

All our models with an English girth system require a short, dressage-like girth. The billets, or girth leathers on these models are quite long to allow an optimal fit of the saddle, with a low buckle position. Buckling as low as possible ensures proper positioning of the saddle by ‘wrapping’ it around the horses body which also helps with any slipping issues. The¬†circumference of a horse does not change dramatically between breeds, therefore the most common lengths are between 55 and 75 cm, or 22 to 28 inches.

Available sizes:

35 14
45 18
55 22
65 26
75 30
85 34

How to find the right length:

The buckles of both the girth or cinch should ideally be positioned one hand width, or 4 inches, above the horse’s elbow to ensure no interference when the horse moves. Since the girth size is always measured from one buckle to the other, just place the measuring-tape about one hand above the elbow, run it snug under the belly to the same spot on the other side of the horse. The D-ring should be right in the middle of the horse’s chest when the girth is tightened. If your measurement falls between the available sizes, choose the next one up.


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