About Barefoot

Quality – Comfort – Affordability

Quality – Development and Research since 2002

The Barefoot saddles are designed by Sabine Ullmann, a German equine physiotherapist. During her years working on horses with saddle-related back problems, she decided to use her knowledge to create her own range of high quality saddles.

Ongoing research and development ensure that the high quality of our products stays constant, and that Barefoot saddles are the best treeless saddles available on the market!

Comfort – for the Horse & Rider

Barefoot saddles are flexible, soft, very light (about 10 lbs) and adjust to the horse’s back in all directions. The innovative treeless design allows the saddle to move with the horse by eliminating the stiff and constrictive tree found in traditional saddles. Without this barrier, the horse is relaxed and moves freely and comfortably.

Barefoot saddles create very close contact between rider and horse. The saddle construction provides superior shock absorbtion, offering relief to many riders experiencing back pain or discomfort.


All Barefoot saddles are made from the highest quality products with a range of models and accessories. Barefoot products are the most economically priced high-quality horse saddles and accessories available.



Barefoot’s leather products are hand-sewn and are made from vegetable-tanned leather (tanned using plant extracts only), so they are free of chromium or other toxic chemicals. The leather is dyed all the way through, not just coated with paint. Our Nubuk leather surfaces are conditioned after tanning to give them a subtle elegant gloss. This treatment also helps to keep off dirt. All Barefoot leathers are easy to clean and are water repelling.

Why vegetable tanning?

Vegetable-tanned leather is more durable, flexible, and heavier. The process is also 100% environmentally friendly because vegetable tanning does not use any of the toxic chemical additives so prevalent in conventional tanning. For horse and rider it is more pleasant to use because it is noticeably softer than chemically tanned leather.

What’s the difference to chemical tanning?

Chemically tanned leather shrinks rapidly during the tanning process and so loses its elasticity. This means it will become brittle and weak sooner. The chemicals used (heavy metals, etc.) also pollute the environment, and can cause allergies where the leather touches skin. Allergens like Cobalt(II) chloride, Potassium dichromate and Sodium sulfite are not used in the manufacture of any of our materials.

All Barefoot articles are solidly hand-crafted, so every one is unique. Our leathers are true products of nature. This means the surface will turn out a bit different every time. Please do not regard natural characteristics like scars or insect bites as faults but proof that the materials are genuine.