Technical Details

All Barefoot saddles now come with the new VPS panels!

What does VPS mean? 

VPS stands for ‘Vertebrae Protection System’.

It consists of a combination of different materials; some are more pressure absorbing, while others are more pressure distributing.

All components are totally flexible, therefore the saddle adjusts immediately to the movements of the horse and problems due to changes in the horse’s conformation are eliminated. The VPS system is not bulky and therefore allows for a close contact and optimal communication between horse and rider.

Why VPS? 

The best possible weight distribution in the area which should carry the majority of the rider’s weight is located between the withers and the 15th/16th thoracic vertebra.

The panel construction creates a reliable gullet and guarantees the constant protection of the horse’s spine. During rising and the two-point position, the rider’s weight is distributed over the entire footprint of the saddle with no limitations to the rider’s weight.

Very elastic ‘sandwich construction’ made of shock absorbing Elastomer layers and a pressure distributing Polymer layer.

All materials consist of a smooth surface and have bevelled edges. We do not use upholstery material which could decompress unevenly and create an uneven pressure distribution.

The fleece lining of the saddle creates a soft underside which can compensate for any minor uneveness.


Components of the VPS System:

1. Top material (leather or DryTex®);

2. Cushioning PU foam layer;

3. Shock absorbing Elastomer, layer 1;

4. Pressure distributing Polymer layer;

5. Pressure absorbing Elastomer, layer 2;

6. Equalizing fleece lining

Technical Detail