Bridles / Reins

Whether bitless or with a bit – we literally hand over the reins to you.

Made from carefully selected materials to feel soft and to fit comfortable, our bridles allow for light and forceless riding.

Wellington Contour 2-in-1 Bridle
C$ 199.95
Cedar Modifiable Bridle
C$ 154.95
Walnut Bitless Bridle
C$ 131.95
Devon English Bridle
C$ 107
Stella English Bridle with Crystals
Amber 2-in-1 Bridle
C$ 123.95
Missoula Nut/Virginia Rose Western Bridle
C$ 99.95
Syringa 2-in-1 Bridle
C$ 123.95
Sevilla Vaquero Bridle
C$ 199.95
Devon Lily/Bellis
C$ 76.95
Walnut Bitless Lily/Bellis
C$ 84.95
Nubuck Split Reins, Western
C$ 73.95
Soft Reins, English
C$ 71.95
Amber Reins, Braided
starting at C$ 60.95
Bellis/Lily Reins, English
C$ 30.45