Physiological Saddle Systems

Introducing our fantastic range of treeless saddles systems with models being used in any riding discipline, may it be dressage, eventing, western, endurance, trail and even show jumping.

All Barefoot saddles have been anatomically designed to fit the horse’s top line and are formed to fit all backs, omitting restriction of the spine and withers and distributing the rider’s weight perfectly to avoid peak pressure. The close contact to the horse allows for a refined and subtle ride.

Key features are:

  • flexible in all directions
  • comfortable for even the most difficult to fit horse
  • close contact with your horse
  • removable pieces for even more fitting options
  • no break-in time for the rider or horse
  • light weight
C$ 759
C$ 929
C$ 999
C$ 1029
C$ 859
C$ 999
C$ 999
Missoula Nut/Virginia Rose
starting at C$1749
Sevilla ‘RWC’
starting at C$ 1239
Cheyenne DryTex™
C$ 529
Kids – Cheyenne DryTex™
C$ 429
Kids – Arizona DryTex™
C$ 529
Stella DryTex™ – Limited Edition
669 Now on Sale for C$ 649, plus get Leathers & matching Bridle for FREE
from C$ 135