Retailer Information

Canadian Retailer List:


Mulmul, ON Grey Havens Acres (Canadian Distributor), within Canada only: 705-434-7947,  any other countries: 705-466-5404

Atlantic Canada

Sonja Wyss Tel: 705-434-7947


Birch Hills, SK McMahon’s Harness Tel: 403-686-7239 (Kathy)


Any retailer with a vendor’s permit or resale license can apply to buy our products for resale at wholesale prices. After submission and approval of your Retail Buyers Application Form and upon placing your first order your store/business will be posted on the ‘Canadian Retailer List’ on our website directing people to your location.

Will products be selling direct?

Yes, while consumers can buy directly from us, our pledge to you is that we will never offer prices below suggested retail. In all cases, we will encourage consumers to buy from a retailer in their area.

Why would consumers buy from my store rather than direct from you?

The incentive  for buying locally will be the savings of shipping and handling charges we would add when buying from us. Remember, we have an interest in partnering with you, not competing against you. The reason we would sell direct to consumers is to offer availability and access to our products for those people who can not find them locally.

How will help us in building their brand and promoting these products?

We are dedicated to growing brand recognition and creating demand for our products. To that end, we will invest time and money to ensure a presence at equine events, shows and in various equine publications. In addition, we offer promotional materials such as brochures, catalogues and DVDs, to aid you in your selling efforts.

How can I purchase your products?

You can call our office at 705-466-5404 or e-mail us at  to place your order.

Payment is due when order is placed. We accept Visa and Master Card through PayPal and an invoice will be send to you via email or regular mail following the order which will then be processed as soon as the payment has been made.

THANK YOU for your interest in representing our products. If you have additional questions other than those listed, please, call or e-mail us.

View and print our Retail Buyer Application here  …

View and print our Retail Buyer Application here.